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Professional Hoarding Cleanup

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Professional Hoarding Cleanup

It is estimated that between two and six percent of Americans are hoarders and it affects as many as 1 out of every 50 people. Hoarding is a serious disorder and can cause illnesses and exposure to toxic substances. Individuals that suffer from hoarding are often alone and they present an embarrassment to their families. This condition goes well beyond the usual clutter one might find in a home and often has almost every room filled with items. Tackling the cleanup for hoarding involves a number of steps to ensure safety and protection. Getting the right company to discretely work with those that are trying to get a property back in order is key to the ultimate success.

Hoarding is considered to be a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). The international OCD Foundation published a fact sheet that addresses the many questions that family may have in their attempt to understand the condition.

What You Should be Able to Expect in

Unlike other types of cleanups, hoarding often require the need to sort through everything in a more detailed manner. If the individual who suffers from hoarding is still on the property, a psychologist that specializes in dealing with hoarders should be considered. It has to be understood that they will usually not oblige getting rid of anything, even if it's considered to be trash or it's dangerous. Compassion and understanding must be taken at every step with a crew that has absolutely no judgements.

If the hoarder is not on the premises, a company can be brought in to do an evaluation. Due to the unknown situations, the company has a team that understands the unique situations that a hoarder's environment brings.

Whether the hoarder is present or not, the right company with have a case manager or customer service representative that will walk you through the entire process.

Sorting and Organizing

Sorting what is to be kept, what is useful, and what needs to be considered debris requires a team to organize everything. This process will also finding and the removal of anything that is toxic, including potential bug and animal infestations. The team wears PPE (personal protective equipment) and respiratory equipment as a way to protect themselves from potential biohazards, staph bacteria, and E.coli.

Health and Removal Protocols

A company that specializes in hoarding cleanup is knowledgeable about local, state, and federal regulations for potential biohazardous materials as well as the disinfectant process. This can be a very sensitive issue but it is necessary to maintain health and protection for all. The team will remove and dispose of all items that can be deemed as hazardous.

Coordinating a hoarding cleanup is a process that can stressful for everyone involved. The ultimate goal is to get the individual to a safe and healthy location and the property to live-in condition.